The sense of touch & movement- the sense of life, all in one moment!
NEOS affirms precious bonding, through gentle massage, pure love and belonging.

Ecocert Organic Certified and Dermatologically Tested Morning Massage Oil for muscle strengthening, Night Massage Oil for soothing and calming babies in the night while addressing colic and digestive issues and Diaper Rash Cream to heal, prevent diaper rashes the most natural way!
The Sense Of Touch

The sense of touch is one of the earliest and most important senses that a baby develops, and it plays a crucial role in their emotional and cognitive development. Gentle touch and massage can help stimulate the release of oxytocin, a hormone that promotes bonding and relaxation.

The Sense Of Movement

The sense of movement is also essential for a baby's development, as it helps them build strength, coordination, and spatial awareness. Incorporating movement into daily routines can help promote healthy development, and can even aid in cognitive and language development.