What are The Blue Pond products?
The Blue Pond products are pure natural and organic products for skincare and wellness. Our essential oils in Elixir pack, are pure and organic, therefore safe for topical use. They are effective for restoring, healing and protecting the skin from day to day wear and tear. Each oils benefits are listed on the website and the package.They are to be applied mainly on face, as a part of your beauty/ skincare regimen after dilution with a suitable carrier oil in the specified ratio of 1:5. Our blends for specific skincare and therapy purpose as specified on each and can be used directly on face and body. The key ingredients are listed on the packages and website: Cleo- Anti Ageing Facial Blend Trepho- Night Ritual Facial Blend Epione- De-Stress and Pain Relief Blend

What is the shelf life of The Blue Pond products?
The shelf life of our products for topical application is two years from the listed date of manufacturing.

Are your products organic?
All Blue Pond products are made from naturally occurring, pure natural and organic botanicals. Each product’s packaging will indicate the list of ingredients within the formulation. While most of our ingredients are organic, sometimes we choose the next best alternative i.e. 100% natural.

How often should I use the products?
Each Blue Pond product has unique function and application, and can be used regularly as a part of your beauty routine. Directions of use and instructions can be found on the product packaging and also on our website. The QR code on the package too will lead you to the website where all information can be found.

I’m pregnant can I use your products?
The Blue Pond products are powerful, potent natural products formulated with specific and targeted performance objectives, that penetrate deep into the skin. Essential oils are therefore not advisable for pregnant women. If you are pregnant, consult with your doctor before using the blends.

Can I use the products on a baby or child?
No. Currently, since our essential oils and facial oil blends are pure blends meant for adult skin, they should not be used on babies or children in any form. We will be shortly launching our baby safe range.

What products are going to be best for my skin?
Our oils suit almost all skin types. If you have a specific skin concern, write to us at support@thebluepondstore.com and we will help pick the right product for you.

Are your products safe for sensitive skin and mature skin?
Yes! Our products are a suit-all and cure-all. However, we recommend to always patch test before you start regular usage. If you have a specific skin concern, write to us at support@thebluepondstore.com and we will help pick the right product for you.

Shipping & Returns What is the return and refund policy?

We will replace the product if the order is received in an incomplete, incorrect or damaged state. Please make sure the products are intact, seals and packaging is intact before you return. You can write us on returns@thebluepondstore.com, specifying the order number, attach pictures of the product as received. You may also whatsapp the same details on 8452007931.

How does shipping and delivery work?

All orders are delivered through our trusted shipping partners. A link will be duly sent to you via email and sms. You can track your order through the link. We try to deliver

Do you ship internationally?

Not at the moment. We will soon be available on amazon US. In India we currently sell via our website www.thebluepondstore.com and on popular marketplaces like amazon and social platforms like facebook and whatsapp.

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