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The Blue Pond

Elixir Combo Giftset- Pure Certified Organic Essential Oils LAVENDER, JASMINE, CARROT SEED & FRANKINCENSE

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ELIXIR Gift Pack

Our 4 curated skin Elixir essential oils are literally magic potions. Extracted form nature, these pure oils are suit-all and cure-all. They go beyond the physical skin barriers, to nourish, restore and heal from within – bringing harmony and oneness into your skincare and wellness rituals.

Pure, Organic LAVENDER OIL (10ml): Treats Acne and lightens age spots. Excellent to uplift moods.

Pure, Organic JASMINE OIL (10ml): Deeply hydrates and soothes dry skin. Balances hormones

Pure, Organic CARROT SEED OIL (10ml): Known to be an anti-aging oil. Targets pigmentation. Reduces mental stress.

Pure, Organic FRANKINCENSE OIL (10ml): Wrinkle-fighting, cell regeneration agent. Helps alleviate respiratory problems

Application: To apply on face use a few drops of The Blue Pond essential oil and mix it with any carrier oil of your choice in a suggested 2% dilution- (4 drops in 5ml/1 tablespoon). These multipurpose pure essential oils can be used in diffusers and other DIY personal and home care solutions.

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