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Why should you use Alcohol-free perfumes?
If you consciously consume products for your body and general well-being you will definitely resonate with our reasons for formulating these unique all-natural, rare essential oils based perfumes:

1. Sensitive skin. Alcohol-free perfumes are gentle to all kinds of skin because they are without fillers, chemicals or alcohol that can cause skin irritation or damage skin's barrier.

2. Alcohol-free perfumes are versatile: These are an emulsion of water and nourishing natural oils (rather than alcohol) will not only give you a more pleasant scent but will also moisturise your skin. Apply it directly on the pulse points and body and gently rub in.

3. Long-lasting scent-Contrary to the popular thought that alcohol makes the perfume last more, Natural non-alcoholic perfume can easily last from 5-6 hours. Natural and alcohol-free perfumes are an emulsion of organic oil and water, with a lower evaporation rate, which results in a long-lasting scent.

4. Therapeutic Aromas: Our perfumes, Terra (Invoking the Earth) & Zeus (Invoking the Light) are created with purest natural essential oils and botanicals, hence contain calming and healing qualities. These aromatherapy led ingredients are known to have psycological uplifting benefits.

5. Carbon Footprint consciousness. From VOC emission to waste production The Blue Pond natural perfumes are way ahead that synthetic perfumes, an environmental promise we are committed to.