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The Blue Pond

Cleo & Trepho Combo Gift Set

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Cleo Anti-Aging Facial Blend (30ml) Firming. Toning. Tightening. This luxurious blend combines Macadamia with anti-aging properties, Pomegranate, a natural anti-inflammatory agent, and Frankincense that encourages skin renewal and boosts skin elasticity. This is mixed with pure Jojoba oil, which has Vitamin E and Lavender, that calms. Use twice daily to fight signs of ageing, firm wrinkles and improve skin tone.

Trepho Night Ritual Facial Blend (30ml) Skin-Hydration. De-pigmentation. Skin-brightening. This luxurious blend beautifully combines the power of the rare Neroli oil, known for it’s regenerative properties, Grapeseed which is a collagen booster, Chamomile that fights blemishes, Rose and Jojoba for hydration and anti-oxidant properties. Use on skin daily for skin restoration, moisturizing and reducing appearance of scars and spots.