Health and Beauty reflect the states of our inner world. The Blue Pond TREPHO Night Ritual Facial Oil, CLEO Anti Ageing Facial Oil and Ecocert Certified Natural THEIA Anti-acne Serum and Ecocert Certified Organic Acne Spot Treatment Oil, not only promise on topical benefits and efficacy, but our truly holistic key actives- essential oils also uplift you mentally and spiritually, making these your ideal daily rituals.
Facial Rituals & Regime
Our luxurious blends beautifully combine the power of the rare essential oils and botanicals. These curated ingredients have proven efficacy. Most of these ingredients are certified organic with Onecert and USDA Organic. These are natural high efficacy solutions for skin restoration and are targeted at specific issues. We insist you commit yourself to a routine, adopt the facial serums into your daily skincare regime for effective results- a naturally glowing skin from within!

These holistic serums not only physically enhance your skin,
but the natural aromas also uplift you mentally and spiritually making a visibly