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The festival season, one of the most-awaited times of the year, is finally upon us. And this time, it's going to be extra special. The past couple of years have been challenging for the whole world. It's 2022, and it's beginning to finally feel like we're getting back to life as we knew it before the pandemic — with more gratitude than ever.

 This Diwali is all set to be celebrated with more fervour and aplomb than ever! Let's look at some mindful ways to bring in the festive season and spread joy.

Festivals & Seasons—A Deeper Connection

 Seasons play an important role in our lives, and each one has its own significance, colour and flavour. Moreover, they are a tool for Mother Nature to guide our energies towards good health and well-being, and all things positive. For instance, you may feel joyful and cheerful in spring, hopeful for new beginnings in autumn, and crave the warmth of the hearth in winter. 

Several festivals and celebrations we observe have a connection with the seasonal change and natural cycles of the earth. Our lifestyles and festivities are heavily intertwined with seasons and their transitions. These celebrations serve as a source of joy and mirth, celebrate togetherness, give our existence a deeper meaning, and make us feel at one with nature.

Embrace the season and all its abundance in your day-to-day routine. Through the foods you eat, the drinks you drink, the activities you indulge in, and the way you choose to unwind, let the season guide your lifestyle.

Diwali: A Time For New Beginnings

Diwali is celebrated at the onset of winter. This festival marks the victory of light over darkness and paves the way for new beginnings. It marks the end of harsh summers that often threaten the existence of life on earth and thundershowers, the excessiveness or the lack of which poses their own set of challenges. 

There is something in the air about this time of the year. Some of our most cherished childhood memories are connected to this festival. Preparing for a new beginning, delving into nostalgia and creating new memories, the comfort of family and friends, the smell of new clothes, the love for delicious desi delicacies and sweets tingling our taste buds, the feeling of being at our safe place—our homes. The festive vibe fills our being with peace, solace, comfort, love and light. Diwali is about all this and so much more. It isn’t just a festival, it’s an emotion and a time for families to come together.

The Gift Of New Learnings For The New World

Diwali has always been a time of celebrations, rituals, light, food, rangoli, meeting and greeting our loved ones and, of course, GIFTS! And if the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we need to be more conscious of how we treat the world and all the elements that are an integral part of it. 

Take a step in the right direction by choosing sustainable, natural and organic gifts this Diwali. Here is a curated list of 5 Diwali gifting ideas that are thoughtful, eco-friendly, and aligned in spirit with the new learnings of the new post-pandemic world. 

  1. Healthy Snacking Hampers 

For most of us, self-control takes a backseat during festivals as we enjoy delectable feasts and mouth-watering sweets. A hamper with handpicked healthy snacks can help your friends and family get back on track post their Diwali indulgence. Choose organic snacks that are free from harmful chemicals and colours but taste just as good as your regular munchies, if not better. Healthy beverages, millet-based edible items, gluten-free cookies, and organic trail mix… the options are endless. Snack hampers are also a great option for corporate gifting. 

       2. Gardening Kits

Sowing seeds and then witnessing the plant grow and thrive is a very rewarding experience. With DIY gardening kits, you get everything you need to grow a plant. These kits usually include seeds, a pot, and fertilisers. You can find kits for common vegetables as well as exotic greens, perfect for gifting someone with a kitchen garden. Gardening kits will make excellent gifts for your mother, gifts for your father, or gifts for your wife—anybody with a penchant to nurture. Gardening kits are so symbolic when it comes to Diwali and new beginnings. 

  1. Organic Self-Care Products 

The busy lives we lead today can take a toll on every fraction of our being, including our skin! No wonder you find more and more people embracing a regular skincare routine, and indulging in some self-care and self-love rest and relaxation rituals on the weekends. You can make a perfectly-curated hamper of natural and organic skincare products like The Blue Pond Trepho Night Ritual Facial Oil Serum and The Blue Pond Cleo Anti-Aging Facial Oil Serum for your beauty connoisseur friend or relative. Your friends will love this pleasant detour from traditional Diwali hampers. Looking for gifts for spouses or siblings? Your search might just end here. These hampers can also be used for wedding gift ideas.  

  1. Eco-Friendly Home Accessories

Eco-friendly home decor makes for an excellent gift for every occasion. From hand-woven banana fibre tableware to grass baskets, from rustic terracotta candle holders and upcycled lamps, there are so many options for you to choose from. Your loved ones will cherish these natural gifts for years to come. They’re not just great for the environment but also such conversation starters—when your home decor becomes a talking point in a good way, you know you’ve done it right. 

  1. Wellness & Therapeutic Essential Oils  

One of the best ways to show your loved ones you care is to give them wellness gifts! And can you even talk about wellness without bringing up the topic of essential oils? Aromatherapy has proven benefits when it comes to de-stressing, relieving anxiety, improving sleep quality, and even promoting deep relaxation. What’s more, essential oils like jasmine oil, carrot seed oil, lavender oil and frankincense offer an array of skincare benefits like treating dry skin, fighting signs of ageing, and treating acne and spots. And that’s not the only thing these tiny bottles of magic can do. Put them in a diffuser and enjoy the peaceful and calming aura they create. Or use them for DIY home care solutions, the choice is yours. This amazing Elixir Giftset by The Blue Pond Store is an excellent option if you want to give someone a thoughtful, useful and luxurious gift. 

 The essence of every Diwali lies in coming together with your family and friends and having a great time. Make sure not to get so caught up in the preparations and rituals that you miss out on enjoying the essence of the festival and the valuable company of your near and dear ones. Happy Diwali to you all!