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Menstrual breakouts are just the cherry on top of the number of things you have to deal with when you get your period. In fact, about 65% of women report acne that worsens just before or during their periods, and there’s a biological reason for this!

Just before your period, during the PMS phase, your estrogen and progesterone levels are at an all-time low while your body is producing testosterone. If your testosterone is dominant, it will trigger your skin to produce more sebum (oil). If your estrogen is dominant, your skin will go on the opposite end, losing hydration and appearing dry and irritated.

Either way, you're left with sensitive skin that’s prone to a host of skincare and haircare problems during menstruation. Today, let’s take a look at five of the most common period-related breakouts and how to combat them when it’s that time of the month:

Problem: Period Acne

An overproduction of sebum (oil) during PMS and menstruation causes clogged pores, breakouts, cystic acne like pustules and papules, and blackheads or whiteheads that appear more prominent. The most common places for pimple breakouts during periods are the chin, the nose, and even around the pubic area.

Solution: Use Acne Treatment Products

Using targeted products that have ingredients to treat acne from seven days before your menstruation date is a great way to prevent breakouts. For example, apply The Blue Pond Theia Anti-Acne Serum to a clean face every day during PMS and menstruation. This water-based serum is packed with the goodness of tea tree, which is antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal. For cystic pimples, roll on the Theia Anti-Acne Spot Treatment to target active acne. It has lemon balm oil which will dry out the pus, and geranium oil which will decongest the infected pores.

Problem: Period-Related Dry Skin & Dermatitis

If you have redness and a flushed look during menstruation, it means your skin dries out during periods because of the drop in estrogen. This can lead to a whole host of reactions like itching, flaking, dry and dehydrated skin, dermatitis, and in extreme cases, eczema or psoriasis, too.

Solution: Use Deeply Moisturising Products

Switch from moisturisers to oils if you’re prone to period-related dry skin conditions. Oils have good fats that deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, locking the moisture into your pores. Just remember, your skin is extra sensitive during this phase so use non-comedogenic products that are organic and made of the highest quality non-irritating ingredients.

For example, apply the Trepho Night Ritual Facial Oil every night before bed. It is packed with a blend of antioxidant-rich essential oils like neroli, which boosts collagen, jojoba, which hydrates deeply with vitamin E, and chamomile, which is anti-inflammatory and calming.

For your body, opt for the Thalassa After-Bath Body Oil which feels like a luxurious spa experience and will soothe your senses during menstruation. The body oil absorbs quickly into the skin and is a unique combination of occlusive and emollient, which means it doesn’t just seal hydration, it attracts it from the surrounding environment, too.

Problem: Enlarged Pores During Menstruation

Higher levels of testosterone and androgens can cause excess sebum production during that time of the month. This causes pores to get clogged with oil, dirt, and dead skin, making them appear stretched and larger. Your skin also tends to get inflamed during menstruation, which makes your blackheads and pores even more prominent.

Solution: Use A Clay Mask To Regulate Skin Oils

Clay masks are rich in minerals that are extremely cooling and calming for the skin. They absorb the excess oil, dirt, and impurities, tighten and decongest your pores, and improve the overall texture of your skin. Applying a clay mask once or twice a week is a great way to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and get an even skin tone.

Take, for example, the Thalassa Volcanic Clay Mask. The high-quality volcanic clay draws out the impurities and cools the skin, while the Himalayan salt in the mask acts as a gentle exfoliator. This mask also features almond oil and jasmine oil so that it isn’t over drying and won’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

Problem: More Visible Fine Lines & Wrinkles During Periods

Your estrogen levels are lowest from Day 1 to Day 3 of your period, leading to a drop in stimulation of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Without these three, your skin loses that dewy glow and plump fullness, making your fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles appear deeper and more prominent.

Solution: Use Collagen-Boosting Face Oils

Face oils that are rich in fatty acids can help fill in fine lines and wrinkles that become prominent during menstruation. Begin your day by massaging your face oil into your skin to stimulate blood circulation, elastin, and collagen first thing in the morning. This will also help depuff your face and even out your skin tone.

If you’re looking for something luxurious, try the Trepho Morning Ritual Facial Oil which is packed with skin-plumping vitamin E, scar-treating antioxidants, and skin-brightening vitamin C. It is extremely lightweight and layers perfectly under sunscreen and makeup, making it the perfect morning face massage oil for a youthful glow.

In conclusion, managing period-related breakouts effectively requires a tailored skincare routine that addresses the unique challenges caused by hormonal fluctuations. Incorporating targeted products like clay masks to unclog pores or collagen-boosting face oils to reduce the appearance of fine lines can make a significant difference. Opt. for non-comedogenic products, and look for certifications like EcoCERT or Cosmos Organic/Natural to verify that the highest quality ingredients have been used.