Spiritual Wellness

Positive affirmations have the power to program your mind into believing the stated concept. By repeating them daily, you are re-programming your old unwanted negative habits and patterns. Positive self-talk is a research-backed method. If a wholesome belief is deeply rooted in our subconscious mind, then it has the ability to override a negative thought. We humans are energy beings, the physical self is not in isolation with our emotional self.

All physical ailment has its roots in our emotional centres. When applied to wellness and skincare, positive affirmations are a good way of emotional strengthening and turn your everyday skincare routines into rituals of self-love. Positive Affirmations serve as a deeper emotional strengthening and cleansing, that you can turn into your everyday wellness and skincare routines or rituals of self-love! Use The Blue Pond products as as your inner-self daily ritual, choose the suggested affirmation or make your own. We encourage you to use them to reach the truest, healthiest version of yourself – one which is inherently divine and complete. Here are some suggestions on how to make affirmations work for you on your journey to holistic wellness and beauty. Step

1: Visualise how you want to be and make an affirmative statement like- "I am radiant with health and beauty" or "I am beautiful". Write it down on a piece of paper. Now analyse all the negative thoughts, habits, pre-conditioning that are keeping you from reaching this goal. Embrace them and address them.

Step 2: Now write out an affirmation on the positive aspect of your self-judgment. Use powerful, affirmative words. Example instead of saying ‘I wish for radiant skin’, say ‘ I HAVE glowing, radiant skin always’.

Step 3: Speak the affirmation out loud for about five minutes, three times a day - morning, mid-day and evening. Look at yourself in the mirror as you repeat the positive statement.

Step 4: Anchor the affirmation in your body. Feel it in your physical self- what emotions does it trigger? What physical reactions does it incite when you repeate it? Breathe in the affirmation as you are saying or writing it.