Spiritual Wellness

Meditation is an ancient practice with far–reaching and long-lasting benefits which have come to be accepted and practiced in every corner of the world today. Simply put, meditation is the process of focusing attention inward, on inner silence, rather than external activity. When you are meditating your brain produces alpha and theta waves – responsible for that relaxed, happy, ‘Zen’ feeling. But that is not all that meditation does.

When you train your brain to be relaxed and receptive during meditation, you not only heighten your emotional and creative intelligence, you also strengthen your mind. And a strong, well-functioning, stable mind naturally enhances physical well-being and creative thinking. “The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” – Plato  Spiritually speaking, meditation helps you become one with yourself. You feel aware of all your senses, each cell of your body and the energy that follows through it. This is when your natural body rhythm is in harmony with the nature around you – to bring it to balance.

Meditation is a way for the entire self—and that includes health of your skin too. A little-know effect of meditation is increased skin restoration and healing. Meditation is a reset mechanism of the body that can kickstart the regeneration of new cells, improve skin health and radiance. So continue breathing in deep, and exhaling anything that doesn't serve you. Practice these 4 simple steps to a good meditation routine. You can start with 5minutes and keep increasing your time day by day: Step 1: Sit in a calm room, devoid of any external distractions. Take your mind slowly to nothing but your own inhale and exhale. Step 2: When you feel the oneness, Visualise your wishes, your goals, your emotions, your life. Play it before your eyes likes its happened. Step 3: Practice your affirmations. Now is a good time to make your mind listen to those positive-self talks Step 4: Let the thought come by and leave, become a witness to your own thoughts, till they finally cease to come. Absorb rhythm of the stillness. Inhale- exhale.