• My quest got triggered by the onset of the pandemic, when were all perplexed by many questions. Have we come too far as a race, have we complicated our urban living beyond repair, can we make a path correction at all? I wondered till it all funnelled down to one question- Are there simpler, more natural solutions to our day to day skin and body ailments, that complement and support true human nature and constitution?

    The exploration pointed to the ever mystical and magical Source that has intrigued humans from times immemorial, the Source that we can completely trust- Mother Earth herself, and Her precious bounty of flowers, fruits, leaves, resins, barks and more.

  • The human organism has evolved in Mother Earth’s ecosystem. Our immune system is well acclimatised and harmoniously attuned to natural substances. Some of these ancient natural ingredients and essential oils have the first mentions in the Egyptian civilisation, Greko-Roman herbal medicine, Middle East Arabia and Ayurveda. These natural elixirs have travelled across time and geographies. The research on these potent ingredients strengthened my personal conviction and lead to the brand belief...

  • ...“From Her rise we; in Her we find Healing & Therapy.”

    Our genesis lies in Mother Earth, Her elements constitute us, thus she also holds the secrets to our well-being. And...   


    Our logo represents the ancient symbol sacred geometry of 'The Flower of Life' is that very oneness. Said to be the basic template for everything in existence; 'The Flower of Life' symbolizes creation and reminds us of the unity of everything: the ecosystem that we belong to.

    The Blue Pond stands for a  blend of science, nature, spirituality and our need for a deeper connection to the products we consume, that we feel one with.

  • the blue pond store logo


    Mother Earth has an armory of skincare ingredients – age-old wisdom that is even more valid in our new urban times. 

    Each Blue Pond product does what it says. Because we use only the most natural, the purest ingredients found in this vast bounty. When you buy our facial oils, don’t just use them, but take a moment to experience them– be aware of every ingredient, take in their fragrance, understand the benefits, and feel their magic. Connect with yourself! 

    We apply nature to skin care, celebrating that occasional wrinkle or pimple, because beauty is all encompassing. So join our journey and experience skincare as it should be – natural, adaptable and holistic – in a word, complete.


    Sakshi Malhotra, a sensitive artist at heart, is a strong believer in holistic healing.

    "We become what we think. We are what we eat and consume."

    A follower of natural therapies, yoga, positive affirmations, healing practices she believes that healing is not skin deep. Our physical body and skin problems reflect our mental and emotional states. Thus the remedies too need to be profound, natural, lasting and agreeable than instant quick fixes. She cemented her beliefs with research and knowledge, and has certifications in various aromatherapy and natural healing courses.

    Sakshi is a Bachelor of Fine Arts, (Gold Medalist) along with Masters in Media Management (Topper) runs her marketing agency TYW, that consults start-ups. She has many years of experience in advertising, has worked with leading brands like Toni&Guy, Tanishq, Zoya, Apple, ESPN Star Sports, Reliance Trends, Tag Heuer, etc. An artist at the core she actively persues painting and theatre. She is a practicing Voice Over artist, and has lately recorded audio books for Amazon Audible.