"From Her rise we; In Her we seek Healing & Therapy."

Ethos & Beliefs

Ancient wisdom validated by Science
The Blue Pond is inspired by Ancient Wisdom from across the globe- Greeko-Roman, Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Chinese and Ayurveda. These age-old sources are formulated to fit into our modern urban living, and are duly validated through certifications and testing. Most of The Blue Pond products are Ecocert Certified COSMOS ORGANIC. The Blue Pond stands for a blend of science, nature, spirituality and our need for a deeper connection to the products we consume, that we feel one with.
Oneness Wellness
The Blue Pond strongly convaces that True Beauty and Wellness is holistic in nature. Its a direct reflection of our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. Our logo- the ancient symbol of “The Flower of Life” represnts this very interconnectedness. ...“NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE EXISTS IN INDEPENDENCE” Our logo represents the ancient symbol sacred geometry of 'The Flower of Life' is that very oneness. Said to be the basic template for everything in existence; this ancient symbol symbolizes creation and the unity of everything: the ecosystem that we belong to.
Natural Organic Holistic Ingredients
All our products use essential oils derived directly from leaves, flowers, fruits and barks of plants and trees. These wonder ingredients are truly holistic in their benefits ranging from topical to psychological wellness. Their aromas have a vital role in solving many day-to-underlying hazards intrinsic to urban living.
Sustainable Packaging
The Blue Pond is a brand build withstrong belief and trust in Mother Earth. We owe it back to Her and are highly sensitive towards the carbon footprints created by the brand. We use glass bottles for our packaging and refrain from any form of plastic as much as possible, only using it in unavoidable. Order fulfillment and recollection of re-usable packaging through partners is underway.
Organic Certified - Transparent Brand
The Blue Pond is committted to bring to you the purest ingredients that are Certified Organic by Ecocert (France). We are completely tranparent about the ingredients that go into our formulations. We use safe organic chemical based igredients at times only to ensure stability and shelf life.
Tested on Efficacy & Safety
Our product are tested on various safety and efficacy standards by third party Research Agencies. These tests ensure safety on skin as well as product promise. The tests involve human patch testing across a reasonable sample sizes and product claims testing on efficacy parameters.
We are enaged with NGOs in Maharashtra to create sustainable packaging solutionsfor the brand. These NGOs are actively working with women across villages on vocational training enablement functions. We continually engage with NEEVJIVAN one such active NGO to vreate our bags and other merchandise.